CSR is dead. So, what comes next?

While there is more noise than ever when it comes to CSR, there is a huge question mark over how much of this translates into meaningful action… Read more.


5 way that #DemocracyMatters for development

Democracy matters because it is not only an end in and of itself, but also instrumental for change and in development processes…Read more.

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New AfDB chief Akinwumi Adesina: ‘I will not let you down’

Nigeria just simultaneously lost its agriculture minister and gained its first African Development Bank president.

After more than five hours of anticipation and frenzy over social media on Thursday, Africa’s leading development finance institution announced its new president: Akinwumi Adesina, the man known for his colorful bow ties.

Read more.


Joe Morrison, CEO Northern Land Council has a vision.
A vision that has Indigenous Australians managing our own programs and comprehensively planning for ourselves the use and development of the lands and waters that our ancestors have occupied for millennia. Read more…

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